Ramadan Campaign

Ramadan is a time of pray, reflection, solidarity, unity So it is for Afrivac, an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of immunization in Africa and to carry fundraising activities. For instance, in 2017, Afrivac worked in collaboration with partners such as Total , Seigneurie to implement the concept of Total , Seigneurie to implement the concept of
1 product purchased= X CFA franc
made for immunization. The campaign lasted 30 day of Ramadan (from 25 May to 25 June) and allowed Afrivac to raise funds for immunization. In 2016, Afrivac also had the support of many partners for its Ramadan campaign. This campaign is aimed at all companies manufacturing or marketing consumer products and retail, petroleum products, etc. The official launch of the campaign Ramadan named "My ZAKKAT Vaccine des Enfants " is scheduled for May 14, 2018. This year, Afrivac hopes to mobilize more resources for immunization.